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How IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier in Phone Cases Protects Your iPhone

Jul 30th 2018

Are you planning to buy a good quality case for your iPhone X? This time order Speck Presidio Clear Glitter for iPhone X from Mall Oasis. Mall Oasis is the retailer for Speck Presidio and provides the targeted audience with best-in-class products that meet their needs and requirements. Till date, no such cover has ever been designed which is not only the slimmest but is also the most protective case. To offer superior protection, Speck Presidio cases have been drop tested from 10 feet, and undergo military-grade testing.

Every Presidio case features IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier, which is an innovative shock-absorbent technology that provides ultimate protection to your phone without adding any unnecessary weight to the phone. The IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier absorbs the shock when you drop your phone. The shock absorbing material and polycarbonate shell are molded together to form ridges on the internal perimeter of the case.

What is meant by IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier? The IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier is a band of ridges that cover the entire perimeter of Presidio cases. Its biggest advantage is that it disperses shock and reduces the impact on the phone.

What is meant by 10-Foot and 8-Foot Drop Protection? A third party laboratory performs tests on all the Presidio covers. The covers are dropped from 10 feet several times to test how they perform after drops and how they protect the phone. The 10ft height is used so that users are confident that the case will provide superior protection to their phone.

What is meant by Military Grade Protection? After the Speck cases are drop tested, some more tests are conducted to make sure that they meet or exceed certain standards used by the military. In the cases, where it is mentioned that it will provide “military-grade protection” means the cases have been tested against MIL-STD-810G military standard for drop protection. However, this does not mean that your device will never break. If you drop it hard or high enough, or at wrong angle, the device might get damaged.

An overview of design – The Speck Presidio Clear Glitter for iPhone X is the most protective case available in the market right now. The design of Presidio cases has been optimized to create the slimmest dual layer case. Presidio cases add 20% less bulk than other iPhone X cases available.

An overview of quality – The Presidio Clear Glitter for iPhone comes with scratch-resistant finishing in matte and glossy finishes and a range of vibrant colors.

An overview of lab-tested durability – All Speck Presidio cases are independently tested in different laboratories for several real life situations. This is done to make sure that your device stays protected every time. It is also done to protect the device against extreme drops, cracks, abrasions, device bending and much more.

The Speck Presidio Clear Glitter Case for iPhone X and other models assures to provide utmost protection to your phone. You also need not worry about scratch as it has scratch-resistant matte finish. It comes with limited product warranty.