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Adopt These Ways To Protect Your iPhone X

Posted by Mall Oasis on Mar 28th 2018

It's terrible when a screen of any phone breaks, especially when you have burnt a hole in your pocket to buy the best phone in the market. It's really heartbreaking when the screen of your iPhone X hits the pavement or suffers some other catastrophic breakage. We totally understand that!

It's very expensive to get Apple's iPhone X repaired. Apple charges a staggering $279 for iPhone X screen repair. It's cheaper than a new iPhone X, sure, but you know what's cheaper still? Not breaking your phone screen in the first place. Protect iPhone X with Gadget Guard Tempered Glass. Besides this, below are enlisted the ways to protect your iPhone X including an insurance option that's more affordable than AppleCare.

Put It in a Durable Grip Case – iPhones are lovely, no doubt about it, so it seems almost a crime to cover them with a case. But that's what you have to do for protection against sudden bursts of gravity. Ideally, opt for something that is extra durable, like Speck Presidio Grip Case iPhone X. It offers both dust and drops protection. IMPACTIUM is an innovative dynamic shock-absorbing material that lines Presidio Grip Cases. While keeping in mind the protection, the Speck has optimized the design to create the slimmest dual-layer. It is scratch-resistant and has a matte finish.

Add a Screen Protector – Gadget Guard Tempered Glass for iPhone X is incredibly strong, scratch resistant and repels annoying smudges. This optical grade tempered glass lays right on top of the iPhone's own glass. What's the advantage? In the event of an unfortunate drop, the screen protector will absorb more of the impact, meaning it will crack before the actual screen does. It has round edges and coated to reduce fingerprints and smudges. Pair this gadget guard tempered glass with a case and you've got excellent -- and affordable -- protection for your iPhone X.

Buy Insurance – All the major carriers offer iPhone insurance policies but they're quite expensive. If you happen to rely on AppleCare, then Apple charges a hefty $199 for an iPhone X AppleCare+ policy. It offers two years of protection, including up to two "incidents" of accidental damage. But if the screen gets broken up, you will have to pay around $29 extra for screen repair. Whatever you decide, an insurance plan is a must for iPhone X, especially if you are careless when it comes to handling these expensive gadgets.

Get a Grip – It is not so that gravity can only be compensated, instead it can also be outsmarted. Therefore, it is advisable to get a grip on your phone and reduce the chances of dropping it. The secondary benefit of using grip is that it becomes easier to operate your iPhone X one-handed. The rear gripper allows your thumb travel edge-to-edge, something that's virtually impossible without it.

There you go! Buy a durable grip case, insurance plan, and Gadget Guard Tempered Glass for iPhone X to provide protection to your expensive Apple device. 

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